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Two Down, One to Go

A while back, my little sister came to visit me here in Florida.  Not gonna lie, we didn't have too many adventures, as we are boring old ladies who would rather stay in with tea and watch movies.  But we did actually leave my apartment here and there to do stuff.  Granted, twice we only left my apartment to go out to see movies, but that is besides the point.

Her first full day here, we decided to venture out to a new beach.  As I had heard great things about Siesta Key Beach, that was our destination.  We left relatively early in the day to attempt to beat the crowds there.... Didn't quite work out in our favor.  Thankfully, we did get there in time to snag one of the free public parking spots.  The beach was already crowded at 10:30am, even though high season had technically ended.  That was a good sign to me.  While we enjoyed our time there, her getting a tan and me just floating along in the ocean, from what we saw there was nothing special about this particular beach.  The sand was nice and the water had a good color, but that was about it.

We ended up leaving a couple hours later, making it back to Fort Myers before two.  As we were about to get off on my exit, she and I made a last minute choice to keep going to Miromar Outlets.  Mainly so we could drool over clothes we should not have been buying.  I'd say we only gave in minimally and bought one or two things each.  Pretty good self control.  Last stop before home was dinner.  Before Jodi had even arrived, I had already decided to use her visit as an excuse to try a pizzeria that I had been wanting to try for months, Grimaldi's.  Let me tell you, it was worth the wait.  Some of the best pizza I've ever had (in America).  The atmosphere is very traditionally Italian and bricks everywhere.  Perfect.

Sunday took us to another beach, one slightly closer.  Bonita Beach is literally the beautiful beach.  I had been to this beach previously, and I love that in one section, the shoreline is so skinny it's like you are still in the water.  We had some fun here, taking pictures and swimming around.  Sadly, we spent about the same amount of time here as we did at Siesta Key, but THIS TIME WAS NOT OUR FAULT.  We stayed as long as we could, mainly because I really enjoyed watching the storm rolling in and feeling the power of the wind.  And also to get food at the restaurant right on the beach.  When we eventually went back to the car, the first few drops finally reached the shore.  Flawless timing.  Once we got back to my place, all we could do was clean up and wait out the storm... Not that we minded any excuse to stay home.

Monday was the day my sister was probably the most excited for.  Besides the fact that our mom is the best and got us Fandango gift cards for our long weekend, I was taking my baby sister to get her very first tattoo (and my third).  It's funny, because she had always made fun of me for my tattoos so I never thought she would want to get one.  Oh how wrong I was.  So obviously we went to the movies that morning (Monday/Tuesday mornings are the best times to go to the movies - no people) and then in the evening we inked up.  It was fun watching her be all nervous about getting it, and I was so proud when she was able to handle the pain and not cry (we cry at everything).  Her choice was very simple and classy, just like her.  Mine was magical and nerdy, just like me :)

Tuesday was our farewell day.  We did take one more journey to the movies first, to see our love, Stephen Amell, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.  I enjoyed it immensely, but then again I also liked the first one a lot.  Finally, one last stop at Miromar so I could buy a purse that was literally made for me and then Jodi was off to the airport.  Planes *are* her favorite mode of transportation. (That's a complete lie.)

Anyway, I miss that weirdo little sister of mine.  It's her 20th birthday, which is why I figured I should hop-to and get this post up... Five months late.  Eh, whatever.  I'm usually early for stuff anyway.  Love ya, Judith.

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