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Impromptu Photo Shoots

Last weekend was a special one for me.  I journeyed back to the Buckeye State to see my family, watch Night Ranger/Foreigner/Def Leppard in concert with my mama, and to witness one of my very best friends get married.  It used to be that leaving Ohio called for a blog post.  Now going back deserves one as well!

I arrived in Columbus late Wednesday morning and my mother took me straight to Anderson's and Kohl's, classic Annie.  Not only is she the best in general, but she stocked me up on a couple things I needed from both stores AND she treated me to our Wednesday night adventure... I can finally say I've fulfilled a lifelong dream to see Foreigner in concert.  Let me tell you, they put on the best show.  You truly know your all-time favorite song when you start to cry while hearing it live.  I'm talking about "Hot Blooded".  I cried when they began playing "Hot Blooded".  No shame.  

Hearing Night Ranger play "When You Close Your Eyes" live might have changed my life.

But that was only day one.  As I've stated, Dana is one of my very best friends and she honored me by asking if I would be a bridesmaid.  I did her one better and offered to planned the bachelorette party!  And by "offer" I mean I called dibs in planning it.  Bachelorette party Thursday, rehearsal dinner Friday, wedding Saturday - you could say I was busy!  Luckily, we had the best wedding party ever - I got to reconnect with old friends and make a few new ones in the process!  It was hard for all of us to stay serious, but we were all able to pull it together for the actual ceremony, which also brought me to tears.

I finally figured out what people meant by "whirlwind" - I was constantly doing something from early morning Wednesday to Sunday afternoon.  Granted, most of the activities were fun, but I barely had time to catch my breath.  And I loved every minute of it.


Oh, and I saw Pan with my sister and we LOVED it.  Garrett Hedlund was a perfect choice.  Second best Hook ever.  

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