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Need A Little Sunshine

Technically I have moved before, but never quite like this.  It still hasn't really sunk in that I'm moving, which is probably why I haven't been shouting about it from the rooftops.  Which is odd for me.  When I moved to Italy, people couldn't get me to shut up about it... They still can't.

On this move, I am quite literally packing up everything I own into my tiny FIAT and driving over one thousand miles to a new city.  And with a thousand mile move comes a thousand questions.  Some of them can be easily answered, while others require a leap of faith. 

Here are a few questions that have crossed through my mind at one point or anther:

What will I do for work when I get there?  Should wait until I get there to apply, when I can interview in person?

What will I bring with me?  Am I emotionally ready to venture into the depths of my possessions and purge?

What will I need in my new apartment?  Should I buy it now and take it down or wait until I get there?

How will I make new friends?

What needs to be done for change-of-address?  What government offices need notification?  Bills?  How long before/after I move does it need to be done?

How far in advance do I need to do all of this?

But somehow you can find help on just about all of them on Pintrest!  So far, I have found the already-addictive website to be extremely helpful - especially when it comes to informing me about certain things I never would've known otherwise.  For example, informing the IRS of my change of address.  Probs an important step. 

At the moment, I cannot provide any answers to these questions.  And even though all of this change and the unknown scare me, I still feel that this move is the right choice for me right now.  It is time to take charge of my life and do something instead of allowing myself to get stuck in a rut.  It also helps that I won't be alone.  Moving to another state is less scary when you know you'll have a best friend there who will support you and look out for you.

I can't wait to continue on this journey we call life down in the sunny state of Florida.

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