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At Sloth Speed

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE procrastinator.

I've been slowly "planning" an upcoming trip to visit a friend in Austin, TX.  We're talking sloth speed.  The kicker is, the only thing I even have to do is book the flight.  I am staying with my friend and she's going to show me her newly adopted city.  You probably wouldn't guess how excited I am to be able to go by how long it is taking me to actually get my ticket.  But honestly, that is just who I am.  I will continue to check every website I know about right up until the moment I take the plunge and book it.  Part of it is me just liking the search for the "perfect" flight and another part is that I am determined to get the best deal.

As for my sister and I's post-graduation Disney/Universal trip, that's more like when a baby turtle first hatches and they're somewhat disoriented and you don't know if they will actually make it to the ocean or if they will start shuffling the wrong way.  The main objective is Harry Potter World and for her to meet Peter Pan, because duh.  Luckily that trip is further out, but I made the mistake of stalking Pintrest for Disney vacation tips.  Mostly it was geared towards mothers with young children (who would've guessed, right?), but I think I just went into information overload and shut down.  I'm anxious of both over-planning and under-planning.

Why put myself through all this?  Because I love it.  Every second, every concern.  I have learned that when planning, and actually going on vacation, something will inevitably go wrong.  So I let myself worry during the planning, but once it's all booked the worries start to fade to the back of my mind.  Both trips WILL happen, make no mistake.

Also, the second GIF is one of the many reasons Kristen Bell is my hero.

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