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Just a Small-Town Girl



 noun, often attributive \-ˈtan\
: the city or town where you were born or grew up

My family moved four days before my sixth birthday, so I am never sure what to claim as my hometown.  Is my hometown the first place I lived?  The first place I remember living?  Or the place that I have the most memories at?  There is a different answer for each of those questions.  Or should I just use the old standby of "Eenie, Meenie"?  

In college (and abroad), every time someone asked me where I was from I always said Columbus.  Mostly because I doubt many people have heard of the town my family currently lives in.  Also because it is the best generalization for my problem, stated above.  I mean, technically, I was born in downtown Columbus.  

I was definitely not a happy camper when my family moved, but the karaoke machine my family chipped in to get for my birthday helped soften the blow.  Man, I miss that thing.  I totally played with the microphones long after the machine broke.  Didn't quite make up for the lack of a neighborhood lifestyle, but anyway...  

So what makes a hometown?  I guess if we're going by Merriam-Webster's opinion, it would be the place that I "grew up".  Unfortunately for Merriam-Webster, I am still growing up.  I will always be growing up.  But I guess I did the majority of my growing up (so far) in Granville, Ohio.  Sixteen years living in one place, granted, a few years of that was spent back and forth from college and such.

Part of me will always love both of the places that I remember living in, though not enough to make me ever want to continue living there.  GIVE ME WARMTH.  

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