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Bringing Brooches Back

I love the classics: movies, music, vintage styles, I am basically an old lady by association.

Thanks to Maggie and her grandmother, I have recently acquired two brooches.  What ever happened to brooches?  It is such a simple way to accessorize an outfit.  Although, after a little research, I discovered that brooches were originally meant to hold clothing closed.  WHAT? Stylish AND functional?  Insane.

Literally, unless it a famous person has a professional stylist that puts a brooch on them, I rarely see anyone wearing them.  Obviously I love them - I wouldn't be writing a post about them if I didn't.  They are classy, eye-catching, sometimes they have special meanings behind them, and gosh-darnit I don't have any piercings so I need another outlet.

Brooches not just a decoration for clothing.  I have noticed that a brooch bouquet is popular with brides these days.  Also, a great hair accessory.  As I searched for these pictures, I was also filled with a need to get more brooches.  Oh darn.

If they are good enough for the Queen of England, then they are good enough for me.


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