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If You Ain't Here to Party...

... you picked the wrong place.  You picked the wrong [Saturday] night.

Last weekend was the annual Country Concert in Fort Loramie, Ohio.  The music festival lasts for three days - always a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I must say, it is one of my favorite weekends all year.  Some of my favorite country artists performed this time around, aka Luke Bryan , Lee Brice and Florida-Georgia Line.

I have been attending the past three summers, although last year I could only go for one day because I was stuck on the island.  This year was probably the best one so far, if only because all of the artists put on great shows and even if I didn't know every song I could still enjoy it.  

Obviously my favorite performer, by far, was Luke Bryan because he always puts on a great show.  Lee Brice performed right before Luke Bryan, and I am of the opinion that they should be dubbed "2 LBs", as in "Two Pounds" whenever they perform together.  They could form a hip-hip group and that can be their name.  I am a genius, obviously.

Florida-Georgia Line were a good time as well.  It legitimately felt like a party when they were on stage.  I was a bit disappointed with Miranda Lambert's performance, because she wasn't rocking out as much as I expected her to.  She was very chill with her guitar.

There were two standout performances that kind of surprised me: Chase Rice and Thomas Rhett.  Now, I've seen Thomas Rhett before but he didn't have a ton to work with back then.  Those two also have connections to Ohio which I am all for - go Buckeyes!  Chase Rice really knows how to perform and feeds off the crowd. They both had great energy.  I also really enjoyed Dustin Lynch and Cole Swindell.

Country Concert is always a good time, not because of the performers, but because of the people.  People-watching and they people you go with.  I can't wait to see what happens next year!

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