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Addicted to Housewares

*cue Robert Palmer song*... On second thought, I conveniently posted it for you below.

As some of you may already know, I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.  But I have another confession to make: I am also addicted to shopping for housewares.  Which is a serious problem seeing as I don't have a house to stock/ furnish.  Honestly, I could spend HOURS in the housewares sections at Target and Kohl's.  Not to mention Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I've even begun theming the different areas in my future home, but I will not share them because you are all VULTURES. Just kidding, but I'm still not sharing.  You can find out at my future housewarming party.

Kitchen gadgets, linens, pottery, artwork, tables, desks, bookshelves (aka VII - very important item), electronics, etc. Basically if it belongs in a house and it goes with my potential themes, I want it.  Even if it doesn't go with my themes, but is simply cute I want it.  Pintrest only increases this problem.  I bought a tea kettle recently and my mom questioned me as to why I needed it.  First of all, tea.  Second of all, at least I got a discount when I purchased it...  

You know I want this just to feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
This addiction may also explain my penchant for spending hours watching HGTV.  House Hunters, Property Broters, Love It Or List It... Can't. Stop. Watching.  Currently my one day off a week is Sunday, and it just so happens that HGTV is usually running a Love It Or List It marathon.  So as you can probably guess, I don't get much done.  (Although today FX was having a superhero movie marathon, so obviously that takes precedence.)  One day I hope to be one of the idiots on House Hunters (preferably International)!  No shame in my game.

Ideally for my first official apartment living experience, I would go to a flea market to get as much as I could to furnish it.  But first I need the money and the direction/goals to know WHERE I want to be when I get my first big-girl apartment.  Luckily, my new job can help me with both of those issues!

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