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Almost Time!

What do I miss?  Many things, luckily I will be back in America ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  Of course, then I’ll be missing Italy, so it’s a catch-22.

Being gone for so long, of course there are tons of people and things that I miss.  But I am proud that I have learned to live without so many "things" that I had grown accustomed to "needing".  It doesn't take long to realize that missing people and trying to live without them in your life is MUCH harder than living without things.  Mainly because there is almost always a replacement for material things, but you can never really replace a person.

I am really lucky that I have friends and family that made the extra effort to keep in touch with me, while I've been so far away.  A lot of times I wonder if some of my friendships have faded as a result of the "out of sight, out of mine" idiom, but this year has made me realize which friends I will truly have for life.  And that really helps take some of the sting out of missing them.  Even though we may be thousands of miles apart, I know that they are there for me if I ever need them.  And I hope they know that I will always be there for them.

Sorry if I left anyone out of the pictures, I don't have good friendship pictures of everyone!

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