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Mama's Day

There are very few ways to write about this topic without sounding creepy and/or stalkerish.  It may surprise some people that it took me a LONG time to think about someone that fascinates me (I immediately decided to steer clear of Audrey, even though she is usually my first choice).  Plenty of people fascinate me in one way or another, but does anyone fascinate me enough that I can genuinely write about them?  And then I felt like a real dunce when I realized who the clear choice was: my mother. 

She has always been able to balance five things at any given time, as far as I can tell.

She is always doing whatever she can to support me; whether it be moving abroad, attending school events, or buying me Dr. Pepper.

She is one of the most fun people to be around.  As odd as it may sound, my mother is my first choice as a concert buddy. 

She can always put a smile on her face, even if things aren’t going her way.  She never lets her personal life interfere with how well she does her job and she is the first one to rush and help someone with a problem.

She always indulges my reading addiction.  Although making me wait to own the first three Harry Potter books until Christmas was PURE TORTURE.  I will never forget that mother…

She has always made me feel loved.  Throughout my life I have never had to question whether or not she would still love me after making a mistake.  I always knew she would.

So basically, my mother fascinates me BECAUSE she is my mother and my friend.  I love you mamma and I wish I could be with you for Mother’s Day!

                                               My mother and I at a Poison/Motley Crue concert!

In other news, CONGRATULATIONS to all of my friends who are GRADUATING COLLEGE this weekend!  I am beyond proud of each of you!

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