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If you know me, you know how obsessed I get with my television, movies, and books.  Almost to the point of it being problem; as of now it’s just a nuisance to those who listen to me jabber on and on about them.  Currently, the series I am watching on Netflix are Merlin, Firefly, and Freaks & Geeks.  A girl has to genre hop…  But I’m choosing to write about one of my favorite shows that is currently airing on television: Once Upon a Time.  Now if you have never heard of this show (currently on season three), then do yourself a favor and educate yourself.  My sister and I are absolute fan-girls over the series - we have weekly conversations about the latest episodes and all of our feels.  

First of all: Killian Jones aka Captain Hook aka Colin O’Donoghue.  Now I would probably watch anything that this man acts in, but his work as Captain Hook is brilliant.  He has the ability to portray Hook as the criminal with a heart of gold, and who doesn’t love that?  Or maybe I just have a thing for redeemable bad boy characters.  Either way, you can’t help but side with Hook, because besides being a pirate, he really doesn’t do anything wrong… Except try for revenge.  Oh, and HIS MANNERS *swoon*. To be perfectly clear, I have dibs on said character and actor alike.  

                                                                 via http://rebloggy.com/

Second, Henry’s two moms.  I love the dynamic of Emma versus/and Regina.  The one thing that they always have in common is their love for Henry and their need for his safety above all else.  They are two very different kinds of mothers, but they are also both great mothers.  In the beginning, a lot of the show focused on them “battling” with Henry caught in the middle.  It has been an interesting ride to see how that evolved. Also, sometimes Regina just gets me.

                                                      via http://onceuponatimegifs.tumblr.com/

Third, I absolutely love fairy tales.  I don’t mean just the cheesy Disney movie fairy tales.  I mean the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.  They don’t sugar coat the story like Disney does.  I mean, Cinderella’s feet bleed for half of the story.  And I love that Once Upon a Time doesn’t sugar coat their story line either.  It’s not necessarily as dark as the Brothers Grimm version, but I love the writer’s spin on the classic stories; and especially the tiny references they throw in here and there.  And it's not just fairy tale story lines they throw in...

                                                                 via perezhilton.com

Fourth, they have brought in Robin Hood!!!  To me, that really needs no elaboration.  And if you need elaboration, go read the book.

                                                                via www.bustle.com

Finally, the show always keeps me guessing.  Now, usually my guesses are correct, but Once Upon a Time is one of the few shows that I’ve seen that has been able to fool and surprise me.  I have to give them major props for that.  Because I watch so much television and so many movies, patterns start to appear in all plotlines.  But with this show, my predictions are usually vague and that’s what keeps me engaged.

                                                        via http://drunkenangst.tumblr.com/

So if you don’t already watch Once Upon a Time, I encourage you to do so because this list is not even close to every reason I love the show.  The show, the story lines, the actors, and the sets are all brilliant.  But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself!

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