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A Night Out

Now I’m not saying that I frequent clubs every week or anything, I am so much more of a homebody than one might realize, but I have been to my fair share.  So these are my PERSONAL observations of an average Italian discoteca.  Yes, they are actually called disco techs, do yourself a favor and don't say "night club". 

First, men are more comfortable dancing in groups of themselvesThey don't just walk up to someone, grab their hips, and start grinding.  It’s more likely that they just stand there and watch girls dance. Kind of creepy, but no more so than in American clubs.  Butt pinching is more common but honestly, it’s quite the compliment.  The best difference is that they actually ask before dancing with a girl.  However, that does NOT mean they aren't persistent if turned down the first time.  Obviously not all American men just walk up to a girl, grab her, and start dancing, but it is a common occurrence.  And an insulting one, at that. 

An endearing aspect of Italians at disco techs is that they rarely know the words to the songs playing.  Mainly because a majority of the songs are in English.  I do love when they know some of the words and just belt them out.

Not many people take their drinks onto the dance floor.  Instead, they drink them at the bar or sit a table/booth and people watch.  This is one thing that I LOVE, because it means that no one is spilling/sloshing their drinks everywhere and the floor is not completely sticky.  The Italians keep it classy.

image via https://www.it-it.facebook.com

Cover and drinks can be very expensive, unless you know a guy. Luckily I know a guy who knows a guy. Or unless there is some event happening (such as the one above).  Also, chivalry and being a gentleman are kind of things here.  It’s nice to be a woman in Italy sometimes.  (Yes I am aware of my generalizations/stereotypes)

Yes, club culture is popular among the 18, 19, and 20-somethings of Italy; but the Italian way of life does not put a lot of focus on it.  Aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks aka Spritz) is MUCH more popular and ingrained in the lifestyle.  From what I’ve seen, Italians would much rather hang out at a bar/pub and just be with friends. And I must say, I am definitely more of the aperitivo kind of girl.  

[Sidenote: “Bar” and “Pub” are two different things in Italy; "nightclub" is what they call the stripclub]  

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