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Where is the Shrew?

Yesterday I went straight from work at the language association to Padua, or as it is known in Italy: Padova.  I had heard many good things about the city and I wanted to see for myself.  The city center was alive and buzzing with people, the kids having finished school for the day and everyone else out for the huge market going on.

I did not do a lot of research about the city beforehand, so I didn't really know what there was to do, but I don't usually like to plan out every second of a trip anyway.  My favorite part about seeing new places is just to wander around and see the real place.

My time in the city was not long, only a couple of hours to be exact, but the beauty of the city really only needs a few minutes to make an impact.

Also, I could not find the Shrew and/or Julia Stiles.  Still bummed about it.

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