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What Do YOU Believe?

Beliefs do not always refer to religion, so I am choosing to avoid that heated subject.  Instead, I would like to address my general beliefs.  

I believe in chances.  The ones we take, as well as the ones we choose not to.  By choosing not to take one chance, we still open ourselves up to other chances down the line.  Chances are everywhere, we just have to really open our eyes. 

I believe in love.  Love is all around.  Love will keep us together.  All you need is love.  Two in love can make it.  Love’s got a hold on my heart. 

I believe in noticing.  Notice everyone and everything.  It is so easy to just go through life only focusing on the things and events that directly affect you and that doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but it also doesn’t make you the best person.  Sometimes we can do more damage to people by ignoring them than by doing anything else. 

I believe in many other things, but today is the day that the Veronica Mars movie FINALLY comes out, so I have other things on my mind.  Like the crazy anticipation for my free digital download because I am always and forever a Marshmellow.  Oh, I believe in the power of the Marshmellows.

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