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Annoy, Tiny Blonde One, Annoy Like the Wind

This past Friday one of my dreams came true: the VERONICA MARS MOVIE was released!!!

I had been waiting for this day for seven years, so when it arrived I was all sorts of emotional.  My love for Veronica Mars began in middle school and only increases each time I decide to re-watch all three of my DVD box sets.  There are many reasons to LoVe the show: the writing is superb, Veronica is a good role model, romance, humor, addressing serious issues, friendship, trying to rebuild your life after tragedy, etc.

The entire morning I continuously refreshed my inbox, waiting for the email that said my digital download was ready.  (I am a proud backer of the film, so I received a digital copy)  I knew not to get my hopes up about their being a theater showing near me here in Italy, so all of my hopes were being placed on that one email.  When I finally heard the ping of a new email, I immediately set out to download the movie... Only to discover that I "can't be in Italy to download", I have to be in one of five countries/territories.  I was sad, but on a mission, which meant going to work and waiting until I could have my sister redeem the code for me.  Thanks again Judith!

I won't say much about the movie's plot and happenings, mostly because I'm trying not to be a movie spoiler (DO YOU READ ME, SHANNON???).  I will say that the movie was everything I could hope it would be.  The only addition that could've made it better, would have been if Leighton Meester had been available to reprise her role.  But even that is not a real issue for me, mainly because the movie is perfect.  I don't care if that statement is a contradiction in terms.

This film made me laugh, cry, hold my breath in suspense, and of course it melted my heart.  By the end I was emotionally spent.  I have watched it two more times since, and I will probably watch it again soon.  Okay, let's be real, there is no "probably" about it, I WILL be watching it again soon.

Oh, and the soundtrack is perfection.  Go listen to it - LISTEN TO IT, I SAY.

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