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So I suppose I should update everyone on my latest trip to Venice at some point.  Last weekend was the very beginning of Carnevale, and by "very beginning" I mean that very little was actually starting.  Apparently March 1st is considered the "main" day of celebrations.  But anyway...

A couple friends and I decided to actually stay the night in Venice this time, so that we could see how the nightlife is in one of the world's most beautiful cities.  Unfortunately, the nightlife doesn't much differ from other cities in the country.  In fact, there is a considerable lack of nightlife compared to places like Rome.  We did stumble upon a very cool outdoor performance, some sort of drumming thing if I remember correctly.

Of course our first priority was to find masks, and I had previously decided upon purchasing one of the metal-ish masks to make it easier when transporting it home.  The big Papier-mâché ones are beautiful, but a tad bulky.  This mission also gave us the opportunity to walk around and see people's costumes.  We saw the Wizard of Oz gang, quite a few zombies, some traditional Carnevale costumes, some Spidermen, and a Snow White.

On Sunday I truly put my navigational skills to the test and somehow managed to get us to the greatest bookstore in existence, which some of you might remembers from a previous Venice post, the Acqua Alta Libreria.  Also known as heaven on earth.

After that, we just enjoyed the festivities for a little bit.

All in all it was an enjoyable trip!

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