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Mainstream Music

I’m pretty sure this is just a trick to find out whether or not I’m a hipster…  Many people know me as a true lover of 80s music, but I do enjoy mainstream music.

I will listen to any song once.  Whether or not I choose to listen to it again is based on my first impressions of the song.  A lot of the time, it is not my decision to listen to a song again, as the radio takes some of the control out of my hands.  That is probably why I usually chose to listen to my iPod while I drove places.  My first of two views about mainstream music is that the songs are waaaaaaay overplayed, especially during the summer.  Last summer, it was all about Blurred Lines and I Don’t Care.  The summer before that it was Call Me Maybe; and before that, Party Rock Anthem. Ehh, I still occasionally listen to those songs, but I don’t really seek them out.  Although Blurred Lines is still a prominent song over here in Italy, and I did hear I Don’t Care at a discotech a couple weeks ago.

My second view on mainstream music is simple: if I like it, I will listen to it.  I try not to let public opinion sway my own when it comes to new songs or artists.  There are times when I first hear a song that I absolutely cannot stand, but if I hear it often enough it begins to grow on me (ex. “My Humps” –BEP).  Sometimes it is the exact opposite, and sometimes I listen to a song just enough to where I will continue to listen to it for a long time to come. 


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