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On to the Next One

Where would I like to visit next?

Well as I currently live in Italy, and that would have been my answer before, I would really love to see all of Morocco.  In one of my tourism classes, we studied about the country and from what I read, it seems incredible.  Obviously, that is a country in which I would have to choose the timing of my visit very carefully.  The political atmosphere is not quite stable, from what I hear.  But then, who’s is? 

The major cities I know I have to see are Marrakech, Fez, and of course, Casablanca.  I adore classic movies, so Casablanca is a must.  I've seen pictures and films that are set in Morocco and I always like what I see.  Another influence in this desire comes from a book I read by the brilliant Frances Mayes, who visited Morocco with her husband a few years ago.  She wrote about her experience in the country in her book "A Year in the World".  The country has quite the colored history, beautiful sights, and an overall fascinating culture.  

                                                    These photos were found via Google Images.

Even if I could only spend a few days in those three cities, I would be more than happy.  Also, it would be nice to visit a new continent for a change.

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