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Let me start this off by saying that I don’t believe insecurities should just be one big, general grouping.  They should be separated into physical insecurities and mental/emotional/personality insecurities.  And no, I am not going to spend an entire blog post writing about what my own insecurities are.  I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me based on what I write here.

 Most people have physical insecurities and they could point them out to you in less than a second.  I’m not referring to when people put themselves down on purpose to just hear others tell them that they are pretty.  I’m talking about the physical insecurities that dictate over clothing choices and whether or not someone is comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public.  If someone were to ask, “If you could change only one aspect of the way you look, which would you choose?” an instant response is almost guaranteed… Unless that person is too embarrassed to share their insecurity.  We focus and over-analyze our physical insecurities because they are the “obvious” ones, the ones that the rest of the world can see (or so we tell ourselves).  They are also what media outlets condition us to focus on.  Some people know what my answer to this question is, others may be surprised; but I won’t go into it now. 

The personality insecurities, however, are usually harder to pinpoint and harder to admit to.  Honestly, those are the ones that people should pay more attention to.  They are the insecurities that can have a greater affect on our lives, mostly because people do not always acknowledge that they are there.  I’m not saying that no one can recognize their personality insecurities, just that most of us are so accustomed to living with them that we hardly think about them.  Also, they are not able to be “seen” and like the old cliché goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”.  

My biggest personality insecurity (that I have taken the time to think about) is that I feel people find me forgettable.  For the most part, this insecurity rears its ugly head when I know my friends are planning on doing something and I worry that they will forget to invite me, or change the plans and not tell me.  I'm not even sure it has ever actually happened to me, but it’s something that I’m working on and it will still be awhile before I get a handle on it.  It’s not that I don’t think the people in my life love me; I know I am loved by a lot of people.  I always worry that people don’t think twice about me when I’m not around, especially now that I’m living abroad (IMMEDIATE FAMILY DOES NOT COUNT).  

Is this too heavy for a weekly blog challenge?  Too bad, you already read through it.

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