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Blame It On the Weatherman

So London.  That happened.  And I must say, I would not be upset if it could happen again.  Like soon. 

Getting there was a bit stressful for me, but I won’t bore you with the details of my worrying and paranoia.  Let me just say this, my flight was delayed, twice.  The real fun began on Monday morning.  I woke up earlier than I normally do, because I was determined not to sleep away what could possibly be my only vacation for the foreseeable future.  My plan was to go to South Bank, ride the London Eye, see Big Ben and whatnot.  That got shut down, as the London Eye was closed for repairs.  Literally, they only shut it down for two weeks of the year and I just happen to be in London during those two weeks?  I CALL A DO-OVER. 

Anyway, with time and money that I “saved” from not going on the London Eye, I went over to Westminster Abbey and did that tour.  Their tour was a little pricy, but I figured it would be worth it.  When I realized that Jeremy Irons was the voice on the free audio guide, I knew I was correct.  His voice is so soothing, it was worth every penny.  Oh, and the Abbey was amazing too.  There was so much detail in the smallest pieces and so much history all around.  Technically you couldn’t take pictures inside, as they expected people to just buy postcards, but when I got to the Poet’s Corner I couldn’t help myself.  I mean, come on, Jane Austen’s name is there.  That area was my favorite.  They basically had every author of my favorite books in there, as well as my favorite poet, W. H. Auden.  Upon reaching the end of the tour, I found something I thought was just perfect: FDR had a plaque for being a good friend of Great Britain, and just an all around amazing person.  He’s not my favorite president for nothing. 

After the tour, my mission was Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.  I really wanted a picture of the Peter Pan statue and I got it!  On my way there, I stopped at Buckingham Palace, where there was a parade of sorts happening.  So many people were crowded around watching and taking pictures.  I also passed by the dormitory of the guards where they were playing music.  As in, I heard the GUARDS playing "Firework" by Katy Perry.  

The Rose Garden in Hyde Park is beautiful, even if it is winter and nothing is blooming.  Walking around there took up quite a bit of my time, then I made my way to Piccaddilly Circus.  First of all, “Piccadilly” is just fun to say.  Second, Fortnum & Mason, a department store, became my dream.  If I ever become rich, that will be my first stop – I literally wanted to buy everything in there.  I was in the store for awhile, and then I just walked around to see everything in and around Piccadilly.  It reminded me of Times Square.  I also stumbled upon Chinatown for lunch, and yet still ate in an Irish-pub inspired restaurant, mainly so I could get the obligatory fish & chips. 

All in all, my first day was a success and I got a lot of my “tourist” pictures out of the way.  I won’t say much about Tuesday here, I want to save that for another post, but I did find 221b Baker Street Tuesday afternoon!  Oh, and I think I pinched a nerve or something, because my feet literally decided that they no longer wanted to walk.  And they STILL don’t, but I refused to let them stop me from making the most of my trip.  I’m sure this shocks many people that actually know me. 

Wednesday was my last full day in London.  I had one goal – go to the Tower Bridge and watch it open.  Okay, so I knew it wouldn’t open up, I’m not THAT lucky.  But I did get some good photographs of it and (painfully) walked across it.  The walk from my hostel to the bridge was very nice (not so much for my feet); there was one area right next to the bridge that is a modern architect’s dream.  Every building was a work of art and there were many modern fountains and landscape designs.  After a short rest, I went back to Piccadilly and Oxford Circus, because I wanted to window shop.  There were huge sales going on, so I couldn’t help myself when I found a handbag exactly like the kind I needed, on sale for 7 pounds.  I dare anyone to try and pass up that deal.  

Honestly, overall I really did not buy as many “things” as I normally do on vacation.  I made sure to buy the items for my travel collections (street map, postcard, shot glass), but otherwise it was just the handbag.  Oh and something else which I will share in my next post.  It will probably be up later today or tomorrow. 

If you thought THIS was picture overload, just wait.

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