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Cold Turkey

Without direct, easy access (aka E! Network), I find that I really don’t care about the personal lives of celebrities and all the gossip.  And what’s more, I like not caring about celebrity gossip.  Back home in America, it was so easy to get sucked in.  Television, magazines in check-out lanes, and the internet surrounded me with “news”.  Here, the internet is my only real source.  Only here, I am more concerned with catching up on my favorite television shows online, like Arrow, Once Upon a Time and Bones; and staying in touch with friends and family.  Although lately, I've been trying to fill my quota of Christmas movies watched before Christmas.

I have only really had two encounters in this area since I’ve been in Italy – Paul Walker (of course) and an article I found on HelloGiggles.com recently about Amanda Bynes.  The article talks about how hard it must be for her to recover with the country watching her every move.  I think if more people read that article, they might understand how important it is that people respect the privacy of celebrities.  They are people too. 

 My favorite thing about not concerning myself with the gossip is that I can focus on just enjoying the work of the celebrities, whether in movies, television, or music.  I can just be a fan of the art.  I don’t worry about what antics Miley Cyrus is up to, I just listen to her music.  It doesn’t matter if some actor makes a rash comment in the press, I can still watch their film in peace. 

Reading that article about Amanda Bynes made me glad that I have successfully gone cold turkey, and it really wasn’t that hard.  It helps that the E! Network website is not very user-friendly.  Although, now I have a lot more free time on my hands, which essentially means that I have more time to worry about my future.  Oh, and blogging J.

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