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A Moment You Felt the Most Satisfied With Your Life

This is actually difficult for me.  It’s not that I don’t remember the good things that have happened in my life; it’s that I know some of the most satisfying moments are the simplest ones.  The simple times seem to be the most difficult for me to pinpoint.  Based on the memories floating through my brain’s RAM at this moment, I guess it would have to be the Sunday of the last weekend I lived in Rome a couple summers ago.  I kept to myself that entire day, but I didn’t just stay holed up in my apartment.

That day, I decided to go to one of the outer neighborhoods in Rome, Garbatella.  My goal was to find the small piazza that an Italian TV show uses front for a business.  I had my map, but I still got a little lost.  The neighborhood was so peaceful because it was lunchtime on a Sunday, which means it’s one of the quietest times in Italy if you ask me.  I didn’t mind being lost, because I was the only one out and about and I like to see the residential areas of Italy, away from the tourist destinations. 

I was so excited when I finally found the building, and pleasantly surprised when the actual building is home to a little bar named after the show.  I bought a Coke there, just so I could say I bought something there – like the fangirl I am.  On my way back to the Metro, I even found the building the show uses as a front for a high school.

When I got back to the city center, I wandered through some of the shops by the Wedding Cake Monument.  Later, as I was waiting for a bus back to my apartment, I remember just feeling really good about my life.  I was about to finish one of the best experiences of my life up to that point, and I was going to see my family the next weekend.  I also knew that I only had one year left of college to finish before “real world”, but it didn’t seem nearly as scary then.  Maybe because at that point, I felt like I was truly living in “the real world”.

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