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30 "Interesting" Things

       *I'm using the term "interesting" liberally.

1.       I am an American expat living in Italy.  As of yesterday, I've been in Italy for three months!
2.       I love to grocery shop.  Walking up and down the aisles oddly soothes me.
3.       I graduated college in three years.  My degree is a Bachelors of Science in Education, but it’s really for tourism and event planning.
4.       Audrey Hepburn is one of my ultimate heroes.  How to Steal a Million is my favorite of her films.
5.       I was a Zumba instructor for one year.
6.       I prefer the classics (books and movies) to current pop culture entertainment. 
7.       I quote things.  A lot.
8.       I am currently participating in a 10k Squat challenge.  My legs refuse to speak to me.
9.       I realize this list of facts is really not that interesting so far. I wouldn’t blame you if you abandoned ship right now.
10.   Worrying is one of my prominent personality traits.  Although I’m trying to work on it.

11.   If it wasn’t for Twinings English Breakfast Tea, I don’t think I could’ve survived withdrawals from my lack of Dr. Pepper in this country.
12.   I’m pretty sure I’m the exact definition of an introvert.
13.   Making lists keeps me sane.  Chances are I wouldn’t remember anything without them.
14.   One of my favorite hobbies growing up was to create house floor plans, which is probably what drew me to The Sims.  I still use The Sims 2 Double Deluxe.  I’m not a fan of the third one.
15.   Recently, I decided to start collecting maps of the major cities that I visit.  So far I have ones for Rome, Verona, Florence, and Venice.
16.   Currently, I am taking an online course to be a certified TEFL teacher.   Once I complete it, I hope to find a school in Italy to teach at!
17.   I’ve been electrocuted before.  I only felt it in my arm, but the feeling lasted for about two hours after it initially happened.
18.   I have one tattoo in Italian.  The loose English translation is “Every rose has a thorn”.  Yes, just like the Poison song.   My tattoo got the nod of approval from an elderly Italian gentleman on the Metro in Rome.  It was a very proud moment for me.
19.   I grew up on 80s music.  Literally.  My mother would play her CDs every morning while she cleaned and that’s what would wake me up.  My general knowledge of 80s pop culture is pretty extensive.
20.   I dyed my hair bright red for one year in high school.  Still haven’t decided if that was a mistake or not. 

21.   My favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty, but it’s not one that I can watch over and over.  That would be Beauty and the Beast.
22.   Dolphins are my favorite animal, no matter what anyone says about them (SHANNON.), and on a Caribbean cruise I had the amazing experience of playing with a dolphin!

23.   I have a legitimate reason for 7 being my lucky number: I was born on 7/7 and I weighed 7ish pounds.  Triple 7s – take me to Vegas.
24.   I hate the snow.  It is useless and inconvenient.  The only time I find snow acceptable is the week of Christmas.  There is no need before or after that.
25.   American football is my favorite sport, and its one of the things I miss the most since living abroad.  My teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes and the New England Patriots.  Feel free to hate on them, I’ll pay you no mind.
26.   When I don’t know what to do or if I am at a loss for something, I retreat into a good film or book.  They are my escape from reality.  Especially Harry Potter.
27.   My favorite place in the world (so far) is Rome, Italy.  I lived there during the summer of 2012 and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

28.   My loyalty to the people I care about is fierce.
29.   I am constantly afraid of seeming pretentious when I talk about my experiences abroad.
30.   I am thankful to those of you who read this entire list.  

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