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Heavy Topic

A Time You Thought About Ending Your Own Life

This is a very heavy subject, but I have a simple answer.  I may not be able to say it in the most tactful way, so I hope no one takes offense.  I try not to judge others; this is just my personal belief.

I’ve never thought about ending my own life.  I may be a selfish person, but I’m not that selfish.  If I were to end my life, it wouldn’t do anything for me; it would only hurt the people that love me.  I would NEVER want to put the people I love through that.  Plus, I’m pretty sure that ending your own life means “unfinished business”, which means that you’d become a ghost.  I have no interest in being a ghost… Unless I could be a ghost at Hogwarts.  But even then, I still wouldn’t expedite the process to get there.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have someone you care about take their own life.  My thoughts go out to anyone who has ever had to experience that tragedy, and I just want to remind them that there is always someone who cares.  Even if it’s not in the most obvious person.

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