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Back for More

Yesterday I returned to Verona, but this time I went with my friend, and coworker, Carlie!  The weather was a bit gloomier than the last time I was there, but the city was as beautiful as ever. 

The best part?  I knew where I was going! 

We didn’t want to spend a horrible amount of money going around the city, but we did decide to go into the arena (aka Colosseum Mini).  I must give another round of thanks to Carlie, because she was willing to put up with my dorky escapades for pictures.  Also, for talking me through my fear of heights.  The arena is a lot taller when you start towards the top. 

Hey look!  It's me waaaaay down there!

Then I showed her Juliet’s Balcony, which is a staple.  Even if it is a bit anticlimactic – not exactly how the film Letters to Juliet displayed it.  But, the crowd was a lot smaller than the last time I was there, so we were able to get pictures with the statue.  There is a myth that anyone who touches Juliet’s right breast will be lucky in love.  I’m not sure if that was meant to be ironic or not.  We did it anyway, so DO YOU HEAR THAT, CUPID?  I’M WAITING. 

After lunch, it was a quest for me to finally take a picture of the Castel’vecchio bridge.  Well, we found it, took pictures ON it, but I still walked away without a picture OF it.  One day!

By that point it was actually starting to rain, so we decided to head back to the train station.  Although, not without stopping at the overly-advertised BK Lounge on the way back!  We managed to get in without coups.  I finally fulfilled my craving after three-plus months, but kind of sad that I gave in.  At least it wasn’t McDonalds.  

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