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The One Where I Find Heaven and It Is a Bookstore

This weekend I took a quick, overnight trip to Venice!  Even the rain can’t stop me once I make up my mind.  Since I had already seen the major sights I wasn’t too upset that I couldn’t really do the “touristy” thing. 

I stayed with friends that I met on my trip to Florence.  They are from England and are currently studying in Venice.  Sadly, not for much longer.  DON’T LEAVE ME.  Only I move to Italy and make British friends.

On the way to their apartment, Ellen showed me this crazy bookstore called the “Libreria Acqua Alta” (High Water Bookstore) and it is, without a doubt, the best bookstore I’ve been in.  In the back, there is a little staircase made out of books that people can walk up and look out onto the canal!  And there is a skull just chilling on one of the bookshelves. 

And then, it happened.  I FOUND THE FIRE EXIT SIGN.  I saw a picture of it online a couple of months ago and when I read that it was in Venice, it became my mission to find it.  That’s one more thing to mark on my LifeList!

At the apartment, I bonded with everyone over the BBC’s Sherlock and Tom Hiddleston before taking a quick look at a nearby church and going to dinner.  The restaurant of choice was Taverna San Lio because apparently they have excellent seafood and pasta.  I ordered a simple plate of spaghetti al pomordoro (with tomato sauce) and it was probably the best spaghetti I’ve ever had. 

Once we finally had the dinner bill sorted out for all six of us, we threw caution to the wind and went to get gelato at Piazza San Marco.  In late November.  While it was raining. 

Because of the cold and gloomy weather, we all headed back to the apartment to watch a movie and look at YouTube videos.  It was a nice change to be around people my age, who are awesome.  Hopefully I can visit them in the UK at some point!

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