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Life List

First of all, I would just like to let everyone know that I have officially been in Italy for one month!  I still l cannot believe that it has been that long.  The daughter and I spend our afternoon at the park and doing homework. Oh, and weighing our options for Halloween!

The family even made a cake to celebrate.  It was a delicious lemon-y cake, I believe it’s called “Torta Margherita”…  Also, a special shout-out to one of my all-time best friends: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHANNON!!!

As some of you may remember, this past summer I was a hotel desk clerk; which meant that I had plenty of free time to idly surf the web.  At one point I had come across an article (or it might have been a blog post, I don’t remember which) that was talking about “Life Lists”.  If you think that a Life List is a synonym for a “Bucket List” then you are (mostly) wrong.  Bucket Lists are lists that people fill up with the things they want to do before they die.

A Life List, however, is a list of things that you want to do while you’re alive.  You are not doing these tasks with the thought of your impending doom.  You are completing the things on the list to feel alive and be happy.  A Life List is a living, breathing document to be updated regularly.  It should be full of activities and tasks that you feel would make your life worth living.  But it should not be a list of rules that give you tunnel vision until everything is completed.  The goal of this list is to make you feel more aware of what you’re REALLY doing with your life.  If you don’t complete everything on your list, no worries!  At least you will have done your best to truly live life to the fullest. 

Nothing should ever be done out of fear, and that is why I prefer to have a Life List as opposed to a Bucket List.  Here is my list, although it is not complete (some things are private, you know).  But just because it is on my list does not mean that I will fall apart if at the end of my life only a few objectives have been completed.  Notice I don’t say “crossed off”.  I feel that it is preferable to put the completion date next to the item; it makes the list more memorable and personal.  I will continue to add to this list as long as I live.  Maybe I’ll be able to make a scrapbook out of it one day, using pictures and mementos from what I actually accomplish. 


·         Skydive
·         Learn to speak Greek
·         Learn to speak Portuguese
·         Be fluent in Italian
·         Try real French macaroons
·         See the Italian flag throwing festival
·         Write a book
·         Go parasailing
·         Go to Carnevale in Venice
·         Learn more about photography
·         Find a career I love
·         Learn to drive a stick-shift
·         Take kickboxing classes
·         Learn to drive a motorcycle
·         See The Saturday’s in concert
·         See Pixie Lott in concert
·         Get my picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign
·         Play blackjack in Las Vegas
·         Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
·         Buy something from Tiffany’s & Co.
·         Get my natural hair-color back
·         Meet one of my favorite celebrities
·         Try real espresso
·         Attend a Patriot’s football game
·         Attend an A.S. Roma soccer game
·         Visit the Harry Potter Studios in England

With my Life List, I originally included all of the places in the world that I would like to see.  Then I realized that traveling warrants its own list in my life.  Or maybe I should just generalize where I want to travel to on my list: the world.

What's on your list?

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