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Permits and Clam-shells

Sunday was probably my favorite day so far on this trip.  I got to sleep in and then in the late afternoon, the family and I went in search of a dried up stream that had leftover clam-shells.  The father had found some on a bike ride previously, so we all wanted to go and collect some.  It took a bit longer than expected to find the location as we were in a car instead of on bikes.  The weather was perfect at the upper 50s/lower 60s: sweater weather.  What was also perfect was the location of the dried up stream – it looked just like the stereotypical Italian countryside, which I adore! 

After we dug out all enough clam-shells to fill up half of the trunk, we went for gelato.  Also, it had begun to rain.  And yet, the weather remained lovely.  Maybe it was just because I was truly enjoying myself. 

Today, the mother took me into town to make the request for my permesso di soggiorno, which is my permit to stay.  The visa does not actually do much besides getting me in and out of the country.   I need the permesso to allow me to remain within the country.  We had to go to two different buildings: the local immigration office and then to the post office.  (For those of you who don’t know, when you live in Italy the post office is your one-stop shop for just about everything.)  Hopefully I will have my permesso soon. 

As we were driving into town, the mother remembered that the weekly market was happening on the main street.  I absolutely LOVE the local markets, because they have everything you need at reasonable prices.  And if they don’t? Haggle!  I only got to glance at a few stalls, as we were on a mission, but next week the mother said that I could probably go while the daughter is at school!  

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