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Let's Talk

Today was my first official day working at the language association that I got my au pair job through.  Every Saturday morning I will take the train a couple towns over to work with children under the age of five.  My job is to play games with them that help them learn English focusing on colors, animals, numbers, letters, and general speaking.  Every activity we do has to have a purpose.  The association even has some Disney English learning videotapes.  That’s right, I said videotapes.  Hellooooo 90s, I’ve missed you. 

I only worked with three kids this morning, supposedly there should have been four, but the boy’s mom couldn’t bring him in today.  Let me tell you, trying to keep three children under the age of five concentrating on one activity at a time is a bit difficult.  But I don’t really mind because I love kids and these children are adorable.  At least they were today. 

I’m REALLY hoping to be able to take a little trip soon.  Preferably to Venice, but I would happily settle for Verona.  Or pretty much any city, as the town I live in is tiny and there’s literally nothing going on after dinnertime.  I feel sorry for the teenagers that live here. 

It feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than two weeks, but I just double checked my calendar.  Honestly, I hope that’s how it always feels when I'm here so that I don’t feel so sad at the thought of leaving Italy.  Not that I don’t miss everyone at home – I really do miss you all!

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