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La Fattoria and Food

Well first things first: I already like the family that I am working for. The parents are very nice people and their daughter is simply adorable. They're house is quite big compared to what I've usually seen in Italy and my apartment is huge for Italian standards! I have a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Plus there are multiple rooms used for storage on my floor as well. I'm definitely going to get spoiled with this family.

My days here so far have been pretty laid back. The day I arrived in Italy, we immediately went home because it was lunch time and the mother made my favorite kind of potatoes!

Warning: I am horrible at describing foods or dishes  that I don't know the names of. 

After lunch I began to unpack a little before taking a nap. I was able to unpack most of my things that first night, because even though my suitcase may have been overweight for the airlines, it still didn't have that much in it. After dinner that night, we had tiramisu! We were celebrating my arrival, the previous au pair's birthday and the daughter's first day of school. 

The second day, I slept in. Thank you, jet lag. After lunch, the previous au pair took me on a short tour of the town and then we hung out in the local park for a little bit with the family's dog. The weather was beautiful! Not like the scorching heat of Rome in the summertime. Once the mother came home from work, we took the previous au pair to her new apartment for the next few months. It also happens to be at the school that I will work at on Saturday mornings! I am very excited to begin working there and teaching English. 

Today, I actually woke up at a decent time to start my day. I took a short walk down to the local supermercato to get a few things, specifically my favorite cookies: Gocciole! They are only sold in Italy, so I always make sure to get as much as I can when I'm here.

Later, the daughter had a friend's birthday party to go to and it just happened to be across the street from the mall. The mother asked if I wanted her to drop me off at the mall while they went to the birthday party, so of course I said yes! I was a little nervous though, because its only my third day back in this country and my Italian is a little rusty. But I managed to get around and through the stores just fine. Thankfully I remembered the different size scale for clothing because I really needed a new pair of blue jeans. The one pair I brought probably won't last the entire time I'm here. Don't worry, Mother, I'm not spending all my money the first few days I'm here. You raised me better than that.  And for dinner??? I officially had my first pizza for this trip.  Infinitely much better than the American equivalent.

I am sorry for this pretty mundane post.  I realize that doing boring things in a new city does not automatically make those tasks any more interesting.  Hopefully once I've been here awhile I'll have more interesting things to write about.

Ciao for now!

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