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Vacation - Meant to Be Spent Alone?

Living and working in a town that exists for tourism often brings up many questions.  I see all kinds of people stopping through and enjoying themselves, especially couples or groups of friends because this town is made for partying.  We boast more bars than any other attraction.  And yet, I often see lone travelers. 

I understand that some people are introverts and do not necessarily get their energy from being with other people all of the time.  I am an introvert myself.  Extroverts gain their energy from being around people, usually friends and family.  They are also more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger.  So seeing lone travelers confuses me. 

If the lone traveler is an extrovert then being alone would not stop them from socializing with strangers; but wouldn't you expect them to travel with friends?  If they were an introvert, they would be fine traveling alone and not necessarily have a need to socialize.  But why travel to a place that is all about socialization at a bars?

I have made journeys to vacation spots by myself, but I have never actual been alone for the length of my trips.  It has crossed my mind to get away from everything in my life that stresses me out by taking a trip alone, but I never gave it too much thought.  If I were to take a trip by myself, I would probably find a secluded beach resort and just lay out, read, swim, and do nothing in particular.  Maybe walk around to see the local sights.  But I don't think I would go to a major tourist destination by myself.  Not only because of the safety issue of being a woman traveling alone, but because I tend to become shy in new situations or places. 

When I think about going on vacation, nightlife is definitely a considerable part of what I would plan for.  Being shy can really inhibit any attempt to experience what nightlife a place has to offer.  Even while at home, I gain my confidence through my friends when going out.  If I went to a bar by myself, I would just be sitting there looking around, trying not to stare at anyone in particular.  I'm not conceited enough to think that people would notice (or care) I'm awkwardly sitting by myself while everyone around me is having fun with friends, but my self-esteem still has me thinking that everyone is judging me.  If I'm in one of my moods, I wouldn't care at all what anyone else thinks of me - but that's not always the case.  My self-esteem is not the only reason, however.  If am planning some alone time, I would much rather order in food and watch a movie or read a book.  Going on a vacation by myself would probably indicate that I do not particularly WANT to be around other people, but that's just me.

Kudos to all of you lone travelers out there who have no problem experiencing a tourist destination's nightlife on your own.

And for those of you who recognize the inspiration behind the title of this blog post, here is a little treat!

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