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The Friday Five

For most people, the arrival of Friday is great news.  But in the tourism industry, Friday is when we're just starting to get busy.  I feel like I've been going non-stop lately, so this week I'm going to share my five favorite things to do for stress relief.  This might be a short post.

1. Reading a book - it can take me out of my own world and all of my jumbled thoughts.  Even if it's only for thirty minutes here and there, it is a great way for me to decompress and just let all of my worries go.  If I didn't read, I'm pretty sure my brain might explode.  I love being able to put myself in other people's minds and their problems for awhile.  It is great being able to explore other worlds or time periods, and after I'm done it really helps me put my own problems or worries into perspective. 

2. Watching movies - pretty much for the same reason as reading books.  All though, with movies it is about the visual experience and inferring the themes and subtext.  With books, I'm usually more focused on my imagination bringing the text to life.  Movies are sometimes the easier option, because they can be finished faster and they require less brain power, in my opinion. 

3. Sun-bathing with friends/family - it is pure relaxation.  Letting my skin soak up as much vitamin D as possible is necessary for someone who works inside every single day.  Especially when I can periodically get up and jump in a pool to cool off for a few minutes.  It is great to just take a beat and lay on a lounge chair, doing absolutely nothing.  And when you add in friends and/or family, then you can either talk through whatever is happening in your life, or you can completely avoid that and just talk about nothing.  But sometimes, it is just nice to say nothing while knowing that people who care about you are right there if you need them.

4. Making lists - whenever I get stressed, especially about everything that I need to get done, making a list is the only way to ensure that I will retain my sanity.  I need lists because I am easily sidetracked, so I tend to forget things unless I write them down or make a note on my phone.  Thank god for iPhone notes.  They literally have saved my life this past year. 

5. Shopping - at least, when I have money to do so.  Any time I have a little extra time and money, I run to the nearest mall.  At home, I would run to Half-Price Books, but now that I have a Kindle Paperwhite (which I am in LOVE with), it is no longer a necessity.  Scratch that - they have DVDS for cheap.  I will probably never stop going whenever I am home. 

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of things to do for stress relief.  When I was an RA, I had a pamphlet called "101 Ways to Relieve Stress" and the list was great!  And partially hilarious.  If I can find it, I will probably update this post with some of the list.  Or maybe even a picture of it.  It is worth the read.

What I'm Listening To:

~ Aw Naw - Chris Young
~ I Can Take It From There - Chris Young
~ Hey Girl - Billy Currington
~ Don't Ya - Brett Eldridge
~ Jump Right In - Zac Brown Band
~ Last Hot Night - Goo Goo Dolls
~ Keep the Car Running - Goo Goo Dolls
~ Something to Do With My Hands - Thomas Rhett

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