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For One Day - And One Day Only!

Many of my friends and family members have either begun the vacation planning process or are soon leaving on a trip, and because I have a degree in Tourism and Event Planning I am more than happy to give them travel tips and suggestions.  I am by no mean, an authority or a certified tour guide, so take this advice with a grain of salt.

This is my itinerary for a one to two day walking tour of Rome.  It would not be my first choice to try and see all that Rome has to offer in one day.  In fact, if I could I would require every tourist to spend a minimum amount of time in Rome to give the city the true respect it deserves.  Though, sadly, not everyone has the time to spare.  So I am posting this not only to give a starting point for my friends, but for anyone in general that is visiting Rome on a strict time limit.  This is just a bare bones basic guide, because I know that not everyone has the same interests and preferences.  It also depends on your preferred mode of transportation, although I suggest walking.

I know this little itinerary can be done in one day, because if you're really determined to see the major sights of Rome on a time limit, then it only takes a few minutes at some of these places for pictures before moving on to the next one.  I wouldn't necessarily be one of those people, but there it is.

Stop #1: The Roman Forum

Stop #2: The Colosseum

Stop #3: The Vittorio Emanuele II (Wedding Cake) Monument

Stop #4: The Capitoline Museum

Stop #5: Piazza Navona

Stop #6: The Pantheon

Stop #7: The Trevi Fountain

Stop #8: The Spanish Steps

Stop #9: Piazza del Popolo

Stop #10: The Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo

Extra Time: Borghese Gardens and Villa Borghese Museum

Obviously, this trip can be split up into multiple days, but I highly recommend that The Roman Forum and the Colosseum are visited together, as you can buy one ticket for both.  You might notice that I have not included any restaurants or gelato stops on this itinerary.  That is because I am quite weary of the food near these places.  Although, I have had dinner at a restaurant near Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps.  For the most part though, the places I would recommend are no where near any of these touristy places.  I suggest wandering down a side street, less walked by tourists, for a good place to eat throughout the day.

If anyone has any other suggestions or helpful hints, please comment below!  And feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes (as I stated earlier, I am certainly not an authority on Rome).

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