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Eternal Wanderer

Sometimes I think that I could live on the water.  Chuck everything and just buy a houseboat to live on.  I would sail around Europe for the rest of my life.  That could be a solution to the whole "needing a visa to live in Europe" problem I have.  Doesn't really solve my need to have a job, though.  I'm not sure that my major or minor would qualify me to work at a job that is location independent.  Wait, I'm dumb - of course I could be qualified to work in the tourism industry (eg. travel writer), but whether or not I'd be good at it is a whole other issue. 

I would absolutely love to have the freedom that comes with living on the water, even despite the obstacles I would be presented with.  As long as the boat has some sort of kitchen, I'd be perfectly okay.  I've lived for three years with no kitchen, and being a picky eater it has made my life infinitely more difficult.  I flat out REFUSE to live anywhere else that I do not have direct access to a kitchen.  I NEED TO BE ABLE TO COOK.  But, anyway, back to the topic at hand. 

I want to see as much of the world as I can, especially within Europe, and living on some sort of boat would be a wonderful opportunity to do just that.  Clearly, the only thing stopping me now is my lack of funds and all of my school loans that are looming over my head.  If only I could win the lottery...

Being near the sea is one of my favorite things in the world.  It is a wonderful feeling to walk through the sand or stick my toes in the water.  And, of course, the smell.  I love the smell of the ocean.  I wish I could bottle it up and keep it with me every second.  Now I was born no where near the ocean, but I have been exposed to it since my first Christmas as a living human being.  I love to go swimming or just relax nearby.  My favorite restaurants tend to be those that have some sort of waterfront view.  As a girl who has lived most of her life without beach access, my dream is to live nearby an ocean.  Preferably ON the water. 

I once saw a special on the Travel Channel about a cruise ship that only has live-in residents.  They are all millionaires who have their own suites that they can design any way they want.  With some limitations, obviously.  But they live full-time on the ship and get to travel all over the world.  That special fascinated me.  I'm pretty sure I even watched it more than once.  Okay, I probably watched every special on the Travel Channel more than once.  I used to want to BE Samantha Brown.  Sometimes I still do.  Sadly, it seems that every place on the earth has been explored in some sort of travel show, so I doubt there's any target market left that I could work in. 

Oh the life of an almost college graduate.  So many ideas about my future, so few funds to make it happen.  The struggle is real.

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