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The Friday Five

Yes, I am finally jumping on the blog-bandwagon.  For my first Friday Five post, I will list the five things that occupy my time while stuck on an island for the summer.  I absolutely love lists, so I'm kind of shocked I haven't participated sooner.
1. Work. Enough said, but I'll still say more. I work 8 hours a day, six days a week. Sometimes more. So it's safe to say that work takes up a bulk of my time.
2. Swinging. There is a park in front of the hotel I work at, so I go there to swing as a form of exercise a couple times a week. This is usually followed by a walk around town, but not always.
3. Playing Sims. No, I'm not ashamed I admit that I play The Sims a bit too much in my free time. But being that I'm not 21 and I don't have a ton of friends here yet, there is not much to do around here.
4. Surfing the Internet. This overlaps with work, especially during the week.  There are not too many guests around on the weekdays, so in between phone class I'm usually on the Internet reading some of my other favorite blogs. Currently, I have been obsessed with Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso. I am such a dork that I've been reading her blog posts from way back in 2006 and working my way to the present posts. I'm weird, I know, but her blog is so interesting and relevant to my life!  A few years ago, she just picked up and moved to Italy on a whim.  Now she is married, living and working in Milan.  I am quite jealous of her life, let me tell you.  She also posts tons of pictures, which I love - especially of her own travels and FOOD.
5. Baseball games. The businesses on the island are all participating in a baseball tournament- it's really more like softball, but they still refer to it as baseball. The games are a nice change of pace from the monotony that is my daily life, and lucky for me, they occur on my days off.
I realize that some of this information is recycled from my previous blog post, but I couldn't think of a more original topic. I just decided to participate in the Friday Five today, so it was a bit last minute.
Hopefully next week I'll have a more interesting list of stuff.

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