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Short, but Sweet

I refuse to be that blogger who posts only one paragraph just for the sake of posting.  Unless there is something really funny that I see, but don't have a ton to write about.  This post, that you read in this moment, is my one exception.  I am keeping this post short and sweet so as to inform everyone how I shall not be doing this in the future, again, unless I have a hilarious picture to accompany it.

Alas, today is only Monday, my one day off a week.  I sit here doing laundry.  But later I will be attending a baseball/softball game and then HOPEFULLY going to a drag show of bartenders on the island.  I NEED TO SEE IT.  Unfortunately, the show is taking place in a bar, and I am not 21 for 20 more days.  *sad face*

But, for your enjoyment, here is a picture that depicts how I currently have to tell if I have enough clothes for a full load of laundry.

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