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I'm Ready For Lucky Number Seven!

Last Monday I finally got to go see The Fast and the Furious 6 (aka Furious 6)!  Definitely the best of the franchise so far, especially because after seeing the fifth movie, I had no idea how they planned to top it.  But they did.  They crushed it.  
Let's start off with one of my favorite parts of Furious 6:
I know, I'm a dork.  The movie montage is definitely in my top five favorite scenes.  This installment of the franchise had everything a movie lover could ask for - it made me laugh, cry, jump.  And let's just talk about how movies can ALMOST NEVER surprise me.  This movie somehow managed to sneak something up on me.  Kudos to you Furious 6.  Four for you, Furious 6.  Do you know what surprised me?  Obviously it was Gina Carano's character - although, really, I should have been able to see that coming.  It kind of makes me disappointed in myself.  Let's just say I was crying to the point of almost bawling my eyes out.  And I bet most people can guess which parts.  That's right, I said "partS" - as in, I cried on multiple occasions.  The death of Gisele was hard to watch, especially because I absolutely adored her and Han together.  Unfortunately, I know they had to do it so that the third movie FINALLY makes sense.  Take that in for a moment - THE THIRD FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIE FINALLY MAKES SENSE!!!  Maybe they'll bring Bow Wow back for the seventh... Well, a girl can dream!  
The other part that made me cry was when they thought Dom might be dead, although I knew that would not actually be the case, it is still sad.  Kudos, also, to the acting skill because they made me almost believe Dom could be dead.  Also when Brian calls Mia after she has been taken.  That 10 seconds of the film was enough to bring tears up to the surface.  What can I say, I am an emotional person these days.  I really don't know how to control it, or if it can be.  It's starting to get just a bit irritating.  
My only question now is: WHEN IS THE SEVENTH ONE GOING TO COME OUT???  They better get started on filming, because fans will revolt if they have to wait to long!  Okay, maybe that's just me.  

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