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Once a Marshmello​w, Always a Marshmello​w.

To all you fellow Marsh-mellows out there... OUR DREAMS ARE FINALLY COMING TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
I am totally gonna geek out here for a bit, but of course, I will also be complaining as well.  The fact that there is going to be a Veronica Mars movie, literally has made my whole year, and we're only three months into it.... And they haven't even finished the script.  Seriously though, if someone legit told me there is going to be a Las Vegas wrap-up movie too, my life would be mostly complete.  To end a television show on a cliffhanger is the WORST thing television networks can do to the fans.  I mean come on, the ending to Veronica Mars was COMPLETELY unresolved.  I won't go into too much detail so as to ruin the show for all of those who haven't seen the series.  But if you haven't, your life is severely lacking.
Kudos to you, Kickstarter, for making all of this possible.
And yes, I did donate to the cause, if you could not guess already.  My mother seemed to know the second I told her about the project, for some reason...
Anyway, here is the part where I am going to complain for a paragraph or two.
So now that the project has a green light, all of these articles are popping up about how much everyone loved the show when it was on and was so upset when it was cancelled.  My question is, WHERE WAS ALL OF THIS HYPE DURING SEASON THREE???  Then maybe the show wouldn't have been cancelled.  In my high school, I'm pretty sure I was the only person who actually watched the show on a regular basis.  Which was VERY irritating  because I had no one to freak out with the morning after a new episode premiered.  I basically knew no one (that I did not introduce to the show) who liked it.  So, unfortunately, it did not surprise me when the show was cancelled.  Though it obviously devastated me.
Can I just say though, that the introduction video to the project is hilarious?  It is funny even for those who have never seen an episode of the show, but it is doubly funny for us dorks who were obsessive over the show and might have created our YouTube account name after it...  *cough cough* Anyway...
So as you can see, my inner fan-girl really wishes this movie was already ready to go and would premiere tomorrow as opposed to next year.  But I'll take what I can get.  COME ON VERONICA AND LOGAN - get married and have beautiful babies!

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