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Future. Plans. Graduation.

Soooo, I mentioned in my last post that I will be graduating in August.  What I don't think I mentioned is that I am graduating early.  I should be graduating in the spring of 2014, but thanks to my summer study abroad, and the pointlessness of my major - I am basically already done.  Currently, I am taking 13 credit hours.  Only five of those can actually be applied to my degree.  I'm only taking the other credits to remain a full time student. 
This summer I have to complete an internship in order to graduate and I'm freaking out about it.  I have been applying all over, and it would just be nice to hear back and get some interviews.  I've only interviewed at one place so far, and the internship there would be amazing... Now I just have to wait and hope all her other interviews aren't as awesome as me.  My ideal internship would be not in Ohio, but seeing as I will be turning 21 this summer, completing my internship in Ohio would just be easier. 
The future scares me.  Yes, I am excited to be graduating early, because school sucks.  But some aspects about being out in the real world are starting to freak me out.  The only things I'm looking forward to are eventually getting my own apartment (mainly so that I can go housewares shopping) and the chance to leave the state.  Everything else...
I would feel a lot more secure about everything if I could just solidify an internship for the summer.  Baby steps.  Luckily, once I get back from spring break, there is going to be a summer job fair hosted at my school that should be helpful.  I saw some companies on the list that look promising.  I'm so nervous about finding an "internship", that today I just applied for a normal "job" out of state.  I figure the hours would still count and I would just continue working there even after the internship is supposed to end.  Might as well, would make my future look a lot more promising and stable. 

Bleh.  Sometimes I fantasize about the possibility of just being a trophy wife, but I could never actually do that.  I would get way to bored.  I noticed this semester that I actually enjoy being busy. 

My schedule has been a lot more hectic this semester, because I have been completing two practicums (basically mini-internships) for the credits of one.  On top of my on-campus jobs and online classes.  Yes, I have been having the occasional issue of over-booking myself, but I am getting better at avoiding that.  Thank you, iPhone, and you're calendar.  I like the feeling of having places to be and feeling important and useful to people.  I love feeling wanted. 

Okay, I think it's time for bed.  I have to write a paper in the morning that's due tomorrow.  And no, I have yet to start it.  Whoops.

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