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Forbidden Fruit... I Mean, Music

I originally intended to write something truly profound and meaningful, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.  So instead, I'm going to take this time to write about my current obsession with the British musical artists Pixie Lott and  The Saturdays. 
My first exposure to Pixie Lott was through the film, "Beastly".  Two of her songs were used in the film, but to my irritation, I discovered that those songs were not included on the soundtrack.  Instead, they had some random girl do covers.  And on top of that, only one song of hers is available on the USA iTunes.  Needless to say, I was super depressed.  I had to resort to purchasing the CDs via Amazon.  They came from England, and took forever to arrive.  Such a long process.  WHY DOES AMERICA TRY AND HIDE THE GOOD MUSIC???
Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon.  I'm pretty sure it could officially be classified as an online shopping addiction.  But to have to order CDs in this day and age....
A similar situation occurred when I discovered The Saturdays.  I was continually seeing commercials for their new show on the E! Network, Chasing the Saturdays.  So I went to iTunes to hear a sampling of their music.  Again, there was only one song available to buy - "What About Us" (which also happens to be their latest single).  Once I heard the song, I fell in love with this band.  So I went to YouTube to hear more of their music, and loved every song I heard.  At that point, I knew what I had to do.... I'm sure the British Amazon sellers love me, with all the business I provide them.
At this point, I now officially own every song of Pixie Lott to date, and three of the four Saturdays albums (Chasing Lights, Headlines, and On Your Radar - missing Wordshaker).  All I can say is: "I WANT MORE".  Like, now.
On one of the recent episodes of Chasing the Saturdays, the girls were in the recording studio, working on new songs.  When are those songs coming to an iTunes near me???  I also follow Pixie Lott on Twitter, and lately she's been tweeting about working in the recording studio.  Me want, me want! 
As you can tell, I love music.  Especially the kind the universe does not want me to have.
And yes, I have been listening to their music whilst writing this blog entry.

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